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How to Be Not Normal

The key to effective marketing is to get noticed and to be remembered.  

Our site will show you easy and inexpensive ways to be different from your competitors.

We will make it simple for you to plan a marketing activities by letting you know when to do what, and by carefully hand picking products that are effective and excellent values.

This site is just evolving. In the next few months it will get much more informative.

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Not Normal Marketing Tip
Are You Believable?

by Stephen Ghelerter
Posted 7/14/2008

Many years ago I read a story about a family that lived near a football stadium. On game days people would park in their yard. They put up signs threatening to tow cars away but cars would get parked there anyway. Then they put up a sign that worked. What did it say?
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Loyalty or Just Repeat Business
by Stephen Ghelerter
Posted 10/08/2007

So you have customers that have been coming back to you over and over again for years. But does that mean that they are loyal?  Maybe they find your company marginal or generic and return for one of these reasons. Read article =>>


Don't Make That Sale
by Stephen Ghelerter
Posted 10/01/2007

What do you do when your product is not quite a good fit for the customer's need? Read article =>>

Are You Lumpy?
by Stephen Ghelerter
Posted 07/06/2007

Ever receive an envelope in the mail that was obviously junk mail, and, just as you start to throw it in the trash, you feel a lump and realize it contains something more than just sales literature, so you open it?  Read article =>>

It's OK To Be Different
by Stephen Ghelerter
Posted 02/18/2007

When you are a kid, being different is bad, whether it is the way you look, talk or dress, or how smart you are, or where you live. In marketing, it is good to be different.  Read article =>>

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